Damage caused by inexperienced roof cleaners

Damage caused by repeated roof cleanings

Why should I use Avery Roof Services?

Avery Roof Services is both a licensed roofing company and an authorized Roof-A-Cide® applicator.

Roof-A-Cide® plus a professional inspection means a roof that lasts longer and looks beautiful all the time.

How does the Roof-A-Cide® process work?

Roof-A-Cide® is a roof cleaning and stain preventative process. It works in two steps. First, your roof is cleaned one last time (if needed).

Then, Roof-A-Cide® stain preventative is lightly sprayed on the clean roof. It chemically bonds to the roof, preventing airborne spores from growing and causing stains. No rinsing is required. It continues to kill any algae, mold, or fungus for at least two years, and the roof is cleaned every time it rains.

Is Roof-A-Cide® a “green” product?

Absolutely! Roof-A-Cide® does not contain toxic or caustic chemicals and is safe, eco-friendly, and 100% biodegradeable. It’s also made with pride in the U.S.A.

Roof-A-Cide® is the only roof stain preventative available that’s approved by both the EPA and Florida Department of Agriculture.

Is Roof-A-Cide® guaranteed?

Yes, it is unconditionally guaranteed for at least two years by both Avery Roof Services and Roof-A-Cide® to prevent mold, mildew, fungus and algae growth and the stains they create. Roof-A-Cide® applicators are fully trained and certified by the manufacturer, licensed and insured. Roof-A-Cide® stain preventative treatments eliminate roof cleaning forever! A simple retreatment, no more often than once every two years, is all you’ll need.

How is this different from biocide roof cleaning?

Biocides are caustic and toxic chemicals such as chlorine, bleach, TSP, sodium hypochlorite, or sodium hydroxide, and are not safe for children, pets or plants. Even in weak concentrations, chlorine bleach solutions will corrode metal, damage your roof and the underlayment, and greatly reduce its lifespan — especially when the roof is not rinsed properly. Roof-A-Cide® is cost-effective because it requires fewer treatments and will lengthen the life span of your roof.

Bleach and TSP will corrode metal (even in weak concentrations) and high-strength chlorine bleach (pool chlorine) will accelerate the damage — especially when the roof is not rinsed properly.

How is this different from soft washing?

Soft washing (also known as non-pressure or no-pressure roof cleaning) is a low-pressure cleaning method, but typically uses the same harsh chemicals.

Are Roof-A-Cide® products approved by roofing manufacturers?

Yes, major roofing manufacturers have tested and approved Roof-A-Cide® products for use on their materials, including GAF Roofing, TruSlate, PolyGlass, MonierLifetile, US Tile, Boral Roofing, Metro Roof Products, and Gerard Roofing.

No roofing manufacturer in the US recommends the high-strength chlorine bleach solutions that are being used all over Florida and increasingly throughout the US.

Where can I get more independent technical and safety information?

See “Improper Roof Cleaning Can Reduce Service Life” (pages 24-25) and Spore-Tech.