A Note From Tom

It’s Really Very Simple

In Florida, algae and mold grow on a roof pretty quickly. The standard fix is to pressure-wash the roof and apply chlorine to kill the stain, or to spray diluted chlorine and let the sun do its thing.

It works really well, temporarily. The stains come back really quickly, the homeowners association sends out nasty letters, and the roof gets cleaned again, sometimes twice a year or more.

Chlorine is very hard on a roof system. If you have ever driven behind a pool cleaning company truck, and wondered why the whole tailgate and sometimes the bumper are all rusted out, it’s because of the chlorine they are constantly hauling around. Chlorine eats metal.

Most roofs are held on by nails, screws, etc., and have metal flashings. Chlorine corrosion can cause premature failure of the entire roof system, as well as being terrible for everything else it comes in contact with: exterior finishes, plants, wildlife, and groundwater.

The long and short of it is chlorine is bad for your roof.

At Avery Roof Services, we use a proprietary EPA-approved, ecologically friendly, roofing manufacturer approved line of detergents and stain preventatives which allow us to guarantee that your roof will never need to be cleaned again.

We clean your roof one last time with eco-friendly Roof Restore®, then we apply our EPA-approved stain preventative Roof-A-Cide® to prevent mold, algae and mildew growth for two years, guaranteed.

Simply retreat the roof every two years, and it will never need to be cleaned again. The retreatment costs less than two years of pressure washing.

Please let me know if I can be of further assistance.

Tom Jacques
President, Avery Roof Services
Tom Jacques